Confidentiality and Personal Information

We ask you for personal information so that you can receive appropriate care and treatment.  This information is recorded on computer and we are registered under the Data Protection Act.  The practice will ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times by all members of the practice team.  However, for the effective functioning of a multi-disciplinary team it is sometimes necessary that medical information about you is shared between members of the team.  Usually your notes would be disclosed in an anonymised form.  However, there are times when the record cannot be anonymised, either because it would be impractical to do so or because of the nature of the request.

Patients should be re-assured that any disclosure of patient information is conducted within the rules of the Data Protection Act and records will only be disclosed when the following conditions are met:

1. The purpose of the request is to improve, manage or promote the provision of healthcare.  Examples of this may be where the relevant Health Board wishes to ensure that the GP Practice is meeting its obligation to provide certain levels of care to patients or a particular group of patients under the terms of their contract.

Where a new treatment is available, and where the Health Board wishes to inform patients who would benefit from it, the practice would provide name and contact information.

2. Any other valid exemption under the Data Protection Act applies.

3. Disclosure will only be made in response to appropriate requests made by the relevant Health Board or people acting on their behalf, provided those people are themselves bound legally to keep the information they receive confidential.