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Order by Post:

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by using the tear-off slip attached to your prescription.  Simply tick the items you need and post the slip to the surgery. If a stamped addressed envelope is enclosed, we will post it back to you.

Order by Phone:

We have a telephone answering service which allows you to leave your details and medication request. Prescriptions will be ready for collection after two working days.

Prescription line  01382 631070

Order in Person:

Requests for repeat medication can be handed in to the surgery. Please use the tear-off slip from your previous prescription if you have it or complete a form at the reception desk.

Order Online:

Ordering by email is no longer available. We now offer a secure online service which can be used to order prescriptions. You need to attend the Surgery and register for this service by completing a form at Reception. Then visit the Patient Services website to complete the process.

How to order your repeat prescriptions

Many Chemists will collect prescriptions from our surgery on your behalf. If you wish to use this service just let us know which chemist you use when you order your repeat prescription. This service can be used whether you order by post, phone or in person. Please allow extra time if using this service.

Pharmacy Collection Service